Thinking about an in-home Maternity Shoot? Read on..

I love my London maternity photography shoots. Well. actually, my anywhere maternity photography shoots! If you have a little one on the way, you might be considering a Maternity Shoot. You might be 100% in and sold on the idea of one – or maybe you’re on the fence a little. I definitely feel like bump shoots are becoming more and more requested – at least here in London. It’s one of those things that have probably slowly made their way over the pond to the UK and we are becoming more aware about how it is important to record our moments – especially pregnancy – as, boy, these days fly by. And it’s something I have noticed even more so since becoming a Mama myself.

Anyway, this post is for you if you considering a Maternity shoot, and I’m going to lay out some of the reasons I am very Pro Bump Shoot, and in particular, Pro In-Home Bump shoot!

Lets just kick off with comfort. Ladies, it is a million times comfier to be in your own home for a bump shoot. Not only are you relaxed in your home, you know the lay of the land but it also makes things much easier.

Yup, EASE, that’s a biggie.

On so many occasions, when I get to a clients home we raid her wardrobe choices for the shoot. We have outfit changes – one dress is perfect for that Silhouette shoot but maybe not quite right for some more cosy shots. And outfit changes are a heck of a lot easier in your home then out in a park! Especially a London park when there will be plenty of other people around.

Also – naked bumps – for those not so confident, the thought of getting your bare belly out in public might not sound that appealing. Another tick to in-home maternity photography.

So we have: Comfort, Ease and Naked Bumps. But what else? If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you might have come across this one – Shooting in the Home & My Why – I talk all about the connection to Home. So my next reason is Home & Context. I want these pictures to be something you can look back on and get a surge of emotion, that’s you! With your bump, in your home – and most likely babies first home. You’re surrounded by important memories and items that you love and picked out. I know some people worry about their home – is it too small (No – I shoot in LOADS on London flats! Also check out this blog: Optimising Small Home for a Family Shoot) – or is it Shoot Worthy (Yes – I send you some GREAT advice in a document when you book about preparing!).

And finally – weather! We all know it, our weather is super unpredictable, and an in-home maternity shoot takes out any risk of having to postpone a shoot, your house is always dry (I hope!)

So Mama’s, if you want some professional in-home London Maternity photography of yourself (solo with with your partner – totally your call!) – then shoot me a message here. I have a kinda steal of a Maternity Shoot offer when you book one in combo with a Newborn Shoot. I hope this was helpful! Any questions please ask in the comments, over on Instagram or Facebook or just get in touch!

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Optimising small homes for an in-home family shoot

I want to tackle one of the fears that some people might have with booking indoor family photography. And that is Small House Fear. Just let me start by saying, as an indoor London Family Photographer I see and shoot in many different types of homes. From small flats, to warehouse apartments up to large, Victorian townhouses. So, I know that this city offers a huge variety of homes, and I also know that even in these big houses, it’s London – the rooms can still be small. So no matter where you live, I totally get this is a fear for lots of my clients.

If you are saying to yourself ‘Oh, I’d love a shoot in our home but it’s just too small’ – please stop now! It will not be too small. I have done entire shoots in bedrooms if that’s where the light is, and they are beautiful.

If you are paying for a professional photographer to capture your in-home session, they should have the skills, the knowledge and the experience to know how to work in more challenging areas. This is why we charge what we charge! The time that has gone into our education before your shoot is crucial to be able to provide the service we are offering and get those special photographs you will cherish forever.

That being said, of course, managing expectations is also important. If you have smaller rooms, you’ll come away with a beautiful gallery of details, close and intimate portraits and pullback shots as is possible within your home. They key word here is beautiful. You can have beautiful family pictures in your home, even if its pretty cosy! I’ve put together just a few tips to help maximise the space you have for your shoot:

  1. Declutter. Sometimes the space is made smaller simply by the amount of things in it! What I would suggest, for your shoot at least, is to spend some time removing little and large items that are taking up space that are not that important for you to have in your pictures. Clearing and tidying up tables, shelves and counter tops can dramatically open up a room. Move out any bulky items that don’t need to be there. Simple and neat – nothing too drastic but enough to add a bit of breathing room.
  2. Colour. Sometime colour can have a huge input. I suggest using white or light linen and bedding in the bedroom. If you have lots of strong, coloured cushion on your sofa, you can try removing a few to calm down the impact they have and any dark, heavy items (lamps, artwork, stools) could also be removed to open up some space.
  3. Light. Light is magic. My main tip for light is to embrace it. You can do this is two ways – number one is simple, open up those curtains and blinds wide open. Let that natural light bath your rooms, and instantly they will be much more attractive! And also, talk to me. Talk to me about the light in your house. Send me some pictures of the rooms at different times of days. I am here to get the best photographs of you, your family and your home – so if we can schedule a shoot when your home is at its loveliest then let’s do that!
In Home Family Shoot London Parents and Newborn Baby standing together with a mirror reflection.

I hope these simple tricks help you feel a little better about booking an in-home shoot. I promise you, it will be worth it! If you’re interested in why Family In-Home Photography is so important to me, check out this post here. Otherwise if you have any questions or want to receive my Welcome Guide, you can get in touch here.

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