Mentoring | For Photographers, Hobbyists & Parents

Looking to invest in yourself & your photography? I offer a few different types of photography education, from private one-on-one mentoring in both film & digital photography, to casual, group meet ups and even remote Skype sessions.
My mentoring is suited to all types of people at different levels in the their photography: parents, hobbyists & photographers.

Is it for me?

Educating yourself on photography, if this is a passion for you, is always a good idea. You always hear photographers stressing that they are always learning. Because it's true! There is always more ways to improve your own photography and if there are areas you are interested in pushing, that aboslutly mentoring is for you!

I work with such a broad range of individuals, from photographers looking to explore adding film in to their workflow, from new parents wanting to learn how to use their camera and capture great shots of their loved ones growing up.

Have a scroll down and see if any of the differentl types of mentoring are for you, be it private one-on-one to casual coffee mornings with others just like you looking to improve and enjoy a slice of cake at the same time!

One-on-One Film Mentoring

Film is quite a niche subject, and I have been successfully shooting both Medium Format and 35mm film for over 10 years. This one-on-one session is perfect for anyone with a general, working knowledge of cameras who wants to start or improve their film photography. Great for keen to professional, digital photographers that want to start adding film into their work as well as film shooters that are lacking a bit of confidence or knoweldge in certain areas of shooting analog.

What we will cover

  • Why film and how it can improve your shooting
  • Detailed discussion on both 35mm and Medium Format Photography and which one might be better for you.
  • Camera choice
  • Film stocks, what to shoot in what light and situation
  • Metering film and external light meters v in camera light meters
  • Loading/unloading cameras (Don’t forget your camera!)
  • Basic camera settings (if needed)
  • How to incorporate it into your photography
  • Developing film, film labs and film storage
  • Where to buy film, how to store it and fun and experimental  film techniques

The Details

  •  An in person meet up in West London in a coffee shop lasting about 2.5 hours
  • Visual aids to see and understand the different types of film stocks and ways of metering
  • Available to answer your film questions during and following the lesson
  • An e-guide with everything we discussed sent to you following the sessions
  • Access to my private and friendly Facebook group
  • A coffee and a slice of cake!

Investment | £125 (For upto to 2 people)

Digital Mentoring | One-on-One & Small Groups

This is where you want to be if you're new to photography and want to have an intenstive session to kick start your new passion. Also suited to you if you're a parent that owns a digital camera and wants to gain more knowledge and confidence in capturing great pictures of your growing family. No camera experience is needed, however I can cater to your needs: so even if you know your camera a little but want a refresher, then this will suit you fine!

With this type of mentoring I offer it on a one-to-one basis (well I will accept two of you actually, so great idea for parents to come together!) and in small groups, which is upto six.

What we will cover

  • Camera basics & how to get started with a digital camera
  • The exposure triange
  • Lenses
  • Photographic 'rules' and how to break them
  • Creative photography techniques
  • Shooting portraits & children
  • Shooting other subjects
  • Shooting in different lighting situations
  • The editing process
  • Looking after your camera

The Details

  •  An in person meet up in West London in a coffee shop or at your home (depending on location) lasting about 2 hours.
  • Visual aids to see and understand exposure, aperture and photographic 'rules'
  • Available to answer your camera questions during and following the lesson
  • An e-guide with everything we discussed sent to you following the session
  • Access to my private and friendly Facebook group

Investment | £125 (For up to 2 people)
+ £50pp for each additional person up
to 5 people | £300 for a group of 6

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