Fiona Caroline Photography Mentoring


I offer bespoke one-on-one mentoring for Photographers, if you’re looking to expand your portfolio to include lifestyle family, maternity or newborn photography, or if you want to gain more confidence and direction in your lifestyle shooting then this might be for you. I discuss in detail my workflow from finding my client, responding to enquiries, pre-shoot preparation, the shoot itself, editing, delivering a gallery and post shoot products. 

As well as mentoring for family photographers, I offer one-on-one film photography mentoring – I have worked with film for 10+ years both shooting and in a film lab scanning and editing. This mentoring option is perfect if you’re new to film and want to learn the basics or if you want advice on how to incorporate it into your professional work and how to work as a hybrid film/digital photographer. 

Family Photography Mentoring

  • Your Why – what are your core reasons you want to shoot lifestyle, and how does finding this purpose improve your work.
  • Finding your client & how to market yourself to them.
  • Client prep & workflow.
  • The shoot: we discuss what happens from first stepping foot inside a clients home, understanding and becoming confident in different light & dark homes, prompts, poses, difficult situations and shot lists
  • Editing workflow, including getting images from camera to computer & the Lightroom profiles I use.
  • Pricing yourself correctly to make a profit, sustain a business and deliver quality.
  • Products, online galleries and everything else that comes after a shoot.
Fiona Caroline Photography Mentoring
Fiona Caroline Photography Mentoring

Film Photography Mentoring

  • Understanding different film cameras & formats (we will be focussing on 35mm & medium format)
  • Film stocks: various stocks and their characteristics and how to choose the right film stock.
  • How to load film & expose properly with a lightmeter.
  • Pushing/Pulling film and when and why to do it.
  • Developing film & film labs.
  • Shooting film alongside digital & pricing yourself correctly.
  • Film editing & digital Presets/Profiles for Lightroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it take place?

Session will take place either via Zoom/Skype or in-person, in West London.

How much does it cost for mentoring?

For Zoom/Skype sessions I charge £150 per session. A session is a 1.5 hour block of time. For both Family mentoring & Film mentoring I would suggest a minimum for 2 x sessions.

For in-person sessions I offer a three-hour session for £400. (£200 each if shared between two people).

All mentoring includes:

  • A Questionnaire before committing to make sure I can help you
  • 1 week of email support after each training session in case anything comes up that you forgot to ask.

Can I shadow you on a shoot?

If you are serious about a photographer mentor, I offer a limited amount of intensive mentoring, which includes the opportunity to shadow me on a shoot. This cost of this is £800 and includes:

  • 6 hours of mentoring either via Zoom/Skype or in person (split up over 2-4 sessions)
  • 12 weeks of email support following your first session
  • The opportunity to shadow me on a shoot, to see how I interact with my client, set up poses and capture the in between moments.

How do I book?

If you’re ready to take that next step in your photography education, then you can get in touch with me.