A Family Shoot at the Barbican
London Family Photography.

I ended 2018 on a bit of a high with this Barbican family photography shoot on the last day of the year! One of the super pros being a London Family Photographer are all the new, different and unique locations you visit and photogtaph for each shoot, but here at The Barbican has proven to be one of the coolest yet. If you’re not from this part of the woods, the Barbican Complex houses families in a very iconic brutalist estate, as well being home to the famous Barbican Centre. The buildings are quite imposing, towering over you, but draped with so much greenery it’s a bit like the wildlife is starting to take over. I love it. I hope soon to do another shoot here, but taking advantage of the famous Barbican Conservatory (get in touch if this sounds like your kind of family shoot!)

For this London Family Photography shoot the family really wanted their home in the Barbican to play an important part in the images, from their incredibly well styled interior (that’s what happen’s when you get to photograph architects!) to the striking architecture of the estate. It was such a fun adventure shooting this sweet, funny and welcoming family – I even got a mini tour of the area!

A few things I learnt from this shoot: I absolutely adore shooting families through windows! it just adds another level of interest to the images. I equally love photographing families surrounded by all the plants! And, I must visit more iconic areas of this city, I have been living in London for six years and this was my first time to the Barbican! So, more Barbican family photography please. Well more urban family photography, as I love incorporating some more of the edgier side of the city into my images.

If you’ve not yet seen, I have my Spring Family Mini Shoots open for bookings! Mini’s are just what they say on the tin – short family shoots! They happen over one day only and must be booked in advance. You can find all the information and booking details over here: West London Spring Family Mini’s.

Diptych of Mum holiday baby in front of brutalist building and Dad cuddling baby.
Mum holiday baby on balcony
Diptych of Mum & Dad holiday baby on balcony with plants in front of brutalist building and Dad cuddling baby.
black and white photography of baby looking into camera crawling on sofa
Black and white diptych of Mum & Dad and child stood in front of a big window and a close p of family together.
Black and white image of family framed by brutalist building architecture
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Clerkenwell Family Photography

Clerkenwell Family Photography
London Family Photography.

2018 was a good year, and not just because of this Clerkenwell Family Photography shoot I am sharing today!

2018 was the year I shot a lot of fun, new families in London and afar.

But, 2018 was also the year I changed my business model to suit how I wanted to work. And I have been loving the change! If you’ve been following my work at all you may have noticed my big 2018 push for prints.

Yup, I am all about the tangible products these days.  And now, with every family, newborn and bump package booked, I feel complete joy! Joy because I know that no matter what happens you will end up with a physical of your photographs. This is so important because in 10, 20 or even longer years they’ll be absolutely priceless to you.

No doubt about it.

But in 10 years that USB of images might be lost, broken or still just a USB of images, sat unloved! Not something you sit around with your family laughing, passing around and smiling at!

I will write a post more detailed about the Why of my change. And I hope (and I am quietly confident) that you will get it. Also, giving clients their images for their walls 100% fills my heart and makes me happy. Which is why we have our own businesses – to be happy! So keep an eye out for the post, coming soon. As well as a detailed, visual page of all my products. But package details are over here if you’re intetested!

Now, just a brief note on this lovely, Clerkenwell family photography shoot. As a West London photographer, I spent a fair share of 2018 photographing families in central and East London. Which I love, and let’s be honest, that side of the city is really, very cool!

On this occasion we spent a bit of time inside, capturing more intimate moments, before having a walk around the local area, ending in a park.

Something I adored about this family session was the relaxed, roll with it vibe we had going on. As well as the fact they enjoyed vibrant colour, mismatched clothing and the absolute love they showered on their little one. Which you can easily see shines through these photographs.

This was also a great family who, after delivering their prints, gifted me a box of home made and home decorated Christmas cookies (!!) and were already discussing shoot number two. Pretty perfect clients!

So, I hope you like this small selection of images from their Clerkenwell Family Photography, and get in touch if you’d like to book your own!

Heads up – with my own babe on it’s way this year, I will be taking on limited shoots, so if you’re very keens, get in touch early!

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  • You are so right about prints – they’re to be treasured and seen, not hidden away somewhere on a digital drive. And to add to the value your prints hold over high street prints – I was just looking back over old family photo albums and some must have been such poor stock or print quality that all the colour has faded. So I am all for pro prints, especially when showcasing your incredible talent! (Beautiful family photos here too, as always! ReplyCancel

    • Fiona

      I think people are changing their mindset a bit more to physical prints now too, which is great! It will be very special down the line when they want to look through old pictures. Interesting note about the colour fade/shift which hopefully will be controlled by printing professionally with a Pro Lab! Thanks for the lovely comment!ReplyCancel

  • Oh my goodness, these photos are so gorgeous! The colours are amazing and that little one is just the cutest. <3 and how lovely that they sent you a little gift afterwards. Dream clients! XReplyCancel

    • Fiona

      Thank you Maxeen! <3 It was a really lucky day for light in Autumn, which shows in the photographs! Such a lovely shoot (and lovely cookies!).ReplyCancel