Do it for the Mamas, Dad!

Family shot with Dad playing with children

I’m writing this post because as an in-home family photographer I’ve recently had a few people message me about wanting a shoot – but needing to convince their OH. In pretty much every case when there is some hesitation it’s because Dads have some reservations. So I’m writing this post FOR THE DADS. A quick break down of why you should have a family shoot – and also some reassurance. Dad’s you’re not alone out there in feeling a bit anxious about it – I really hope this can calm any worries/nervousness/awkwardness about having a family or newborn photoshoot.

  1. It’s in the home. So if embarrassment/awkwardness is a factor it’s not like we’re outside in Hampstead Heath with other people watching. It’s just you, your family and I. That’s the beauty of being an in-home family photographer! You’re in your home – it’s comfortable, it’s familiar and you can go and relax and watch some football while I do the shots you’re not needed for! Ideal, right?

  2. I will direct you. In case you’re worried about where to stand, how to stand, where to look or put you’re hands. I got you! I will place my families into poses, let natural moments fall from that pose and capture that. I will tell you when I want you to look at the camera. Pre-covid I would physically move you, right now I will tell you exactly how to stand and be – so don’t let that put you off.

  3. Not sure why it’s important to have family photographs? Let me break it down a bit – images of children on the wall is known to increase their self worth at home. Totally worth doing for that alone. But also, having these natural moments as the family you are right now is so special and priceless. Having physical photographs to keep will become treasured possessions for you and your children as they grow. They don’t want to rummage in a shoebox of old USBs when they grow up. Get the shoot and print the pictures.

  4. The cost – okay it’s not the cheapest thing to do – but the importance of it and how long it will last (er, forever) makes it absolutely worth the price tag. If you’re willing to drop money on season tickets, Sky Sports, new clothes and pub trips (or anything non-essential!) – you can absolutely budget and save to have a shoot.

  5. Your wife/partner want its – and if they want it then I think that’s reason enough alone. It’s so common for them to take the picture and not be in the picture, so a beautiful picture of Mama & her little ones is absolutely worth an hour or so of feeling a little awkward or skipping a few pub trips.

Right! I hope that helped clear up any barriers – I’m always here though to chat and reassure. And would I really be an in-home family photographer if I wote a blog without sharing a ton of images? Nope! So i’m gonna share a handful of my favourite Dad shots so you can see that I’m not gonna make you do anything cheesy or awkward. Just you being you, with your favourite people.

Get in touch to chat a bit more or head over to my FAQ page if you have some questions! Also I’d love you to come say hello over on Instagram!


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