Paris, a city on film

Paris,  a city on film

Shot on Contax t2
Developed & Scanned by AG Photo Lab

One of the lucky points of living in London, is that it is pretty easy to get away and see some of the wonderful offerings of Europe. So, with a new camera (hello T2!) I decided to hop on the Eurostar for a quick day and night to explore Paris. Paris is the perfect city to shoot on film, and this was the first time out really playing around with my Contaxt T2, one of the best compact film cameras out there. And it worked a treat, as you can see below, I’m pretty chuffed with the results! The details in the sky, the shadows. Oh I just love some of these!

Next stop is making some prints in the darkroom, if you’re interested in buying a print, let me know! I offer limited edition, fibre and resin based prints, hand made in the darkroom!

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