Bohemia Gathering | a film workshop

Bohemia Gathering Film Workshop

Bohemia Gathering Workshop
Valencia, Spain, November 2015

Shot on Pentax 645N
Kodak Portra & Fuji Film 400H
Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

I just wanted to take a moment to talk a little about one of my highlights of 2015, and one of the most beneficial things I have done as a photographer.

The Bohemia Gathering Workshop.

I may sound like I’m coming on pretty strong here, but really, this workshop was something else! It gave me everything I wanted and more – skills, knowledge, mentors, friends.

Workshops, generally, are great, they’re like fun, super long, photography parties! They offer an incredible environment to fully immerse yourself, to learn with such focus and intensity. Sure, it can tough, it can be a little intimidating – but it’s totally worth it.

Bohemia Gathering took place over four days in the gorgeous, idyllic Valencia countryside. And it was 100% film photography. We were bombarded with things to learn, try out, discuss and action. Film stocks, cameras, printing, pricing, working for happiness, marketing, metering, understanding light (the list goes on!)

It is ran by two absolutely incredible and inspiring women – Isabelle Hesselberg & Siegrid Cain. They are amazing, I’ve a serious girl crush on these two! (Just take a mo to look at their work – it will blow you away!) And we also got to visit Carmencita Film Lab to try our hand at some negative scanning (plus eat a lot of tapas and fiesta!).

Now anyone who knows my work at all (or knows me!) will understand by now that I bloody LOVE Carmencita. They are the perfect film lab. So learning about the film process and getting to meet the team (who are awesome) – that was something special.

And finally – one of the best bits – the ladies that joined me! They made this workshop perfect. The crazy, funny, talented ladies from literally all over the world! So much love to this lot!

They, like me, also believe in everything Bohemia Gathering stands for:

Live well, live free, live kind. Oh and shoot film while you’re at it.

(And it’s nice to know if I’m ever in their neighbourhood I’ve got myself a sofa to crash on!)

Thanks so much for the journey ladies!

Enjoy the photographs!

Bohemia Gathering by Fiona Caroline Photography_0015Bohemia Gathering by Fiona Caroline Photography_0016Bohemia Gathering by Fiona Caroline Photography_0017




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