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Feather & Film
Travel Inspiration. Showcasing the best in fine art travel photography

The Racha Resort, Koh Racha
Thailand, April 2015

Shot on Nikon f100
Kodak Portra
Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

he Racha, Thailand Travel PhotographySo I guess everyone loves to travel. Myself included. And I know there are thousand and thousand of travel blogs out there. But look – I made another one! However this one is a little bit different. This one showcases on the best film images from amazing analog photographers around the world.

My new blog – Feather & Film –ย  is a travel blog designed with the intention to inspire and excite – to urge others to see and experience different parts of the world. We are proud film photographers (think of the old camera your grandparents love!) and believe the medium of film photography not only produces the most beautiful images but gives photographers a chance to slow down and connect to their destinations.

We want to support that.

All the images on the blog are shot by some of the most talented and creative film photographers in the world. We also urge you to support the photographers – write a comment on their feature, share what you love on social media or buy a print & hang it in your home – bring the destination to you if you can’t get there!

Twice a year we produce and sell a limited copy of beautiful print magazines. These editions are full of stunning imagery, artist information, destination reviews, recipes and plenty of ‘to do’, ‘to see’ & ‘to experience’ lists.

Locally printed, these magazine are perfect to carry on your commute (hello London Underground!), keep it in your bag or by your bed to flick through and plan your next adventure.

Come on in, the waters lovely ๐Ÿ˜‰



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