Why doing a couple shoot in winter is actually a genius idea

Berlin, Germany, February 2015

Shot on Nikon F100 & Pentax 645N
Kodak Portra
Developed & Scanned by UK Film Lab

Okay, let’s discuss getting out when it’s cold and why doing a couple shoot in winter is actually a genius idea.

I personally LOVE winter.

I adore wrapping up warm, I could spend hours (and far too much money) buying hats. And Scarves. And gloves. It’s so cute AND COSY. Plus everyone is in the festive mood and the city looks so pretty, all lit up. The air is full of celebration and there is a general buzz because it’s that time of year. Not just the time that everyone drinks a little too much, parties a little too hard and can’t show their face in work. No, it’s the change in season. The lead up to the best parts on the year (I’m talking to you Bonfire Night and Christmas!)

And this is why getting a photoshoot done in winter is actually a brilliant idea. Because you can cuddle up with your other half, in public, and look totally adorable doing it! Fresh, rosy cheeks are a good look!

Sure, you’ve got to combat a few issues here and there. Like lighting. It gets way to dark, far too quickly. And timing. You don’t want to be walking around to different locations for AGES because, obviously, it’s winter and freezing cold!

But the reward is worth it, I am sure you’ll agree, beautiful, intimate and super, super cute photographs. And don’t think it’s just for those couples out there. Nope. Families also look adorable wrapped up.

So if you’re going to be brave a book a winter photo session (Hello, Holiday cards!) then my tips are to get out early! Get that nice light. Pack the essentials (extra socks, flask of something warm, a blanket..!), pick your location and stick to it. Pencil in a one hour session (honestly, that’s all you need!) and speak with your photography about what you want to achieve. We’re here for you, honest!

Now, check out below some bloody adorable pictures shot in February 2015. It was cold (I think -2c!) but looks how gorgeous they turned out.

This could be you this year *wink*

Time to think Christmas, you know?

Winter Couple Shoot by Fiona Caroline Photography_0006

Couple Photography in winterWinter Couple Shoot by Fiona Caroline Photography_0002Winter Couple Shoot by Fiona Caroline Photography_0003Winter Couple Shoot by Fiona Caroline Photography_0004Winter Couple Shoot by Fiona Caroline Photography_0005


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