The Gambia | Africa

The Gambia, Africa

Shot on Pentax 645n
Kodak Ektar
Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

Whenever I travel, I try and limit the amount I shoot. This is so I can actually be present, I like to spend some time exploring where I am for me – not just for pictures – I want to meet the people and see the architecture, wildlife and the food with my own eyes! I want take it all in without having to think ‘Oh, I should photograph this!’ (even though one time, in Kenya, I decided to NOT bring my Hasselblad on a river trip and boy did I regret it!).

I also limit the amount I shoot because, quite simply, it ain’t cheap! I adore film and I am very happy to pay my wonderful lab to develop and scan my negatives, BUT I am also aware of the costs that come with this medium. But it’s kind of a good thing: I may shoot less but what I do capture is something I want to document – and not just because I feel like I have too.

Anyway, back to The Gambia, Africa.

I travelled here, for a quick one week (quite a flight for only seven days holiday!) back in February. It has taken me FORVER to get around to sharing these pictures. Life happens, clients work takes precedence, plus general busyness. But finally, I have found a window of time (thanks to a three-hour train journey) to share my photography from Gambia with you!

The Gambia is a special place, much quieter now than it was 2, 5, 10 years ago – or so I kept hearing. Incredibly small, and packed with the friendliest people. Lovely beaches to spend lazy days on, kinda rough waves to dabble in and a big, blazing sun adding beautiful light to everything – and drawing in the holiday makers. Turns out the Gambia is a destination for beach bums, which is quite unexpected, but there you go. I found after one full day sightseeing I had kind of done it! Serekunda market, the local fishing village, Charlie the famous Gambian crocodile! The lovely crafts markets selling paintings, sculptures, beautiful little wooden chess boards. I got myself the sweetest, little drum charm for my charm bracelet!

I loved my time here, I loved having my little family getaway, and having a pretty selfish holiday when I did some sightseeing, but mostly had beach days, guilt free, trying to get myself a tan and drinking looaaddsss of milkshakes!

Film images of ife on the river in Gambia shot on film by Fiona Caroline Photography. Rope and boatThe Gambia, Africa, Film Photography

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Indoor Family Photography | Chalfont St Giles

The Smith Family
Chalfont St Giles

Shot on Pentax 645N
Kodak Portra 400 & Ilford Delta 3200
Developed & Scanned by Carmencita Film Lab

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of heading to Chalfont St Giles, a beautiful little village just outside of London to photograph the Smith Family. Luck had been against us in pretty much all the planning of this shoot (terrible weather, poorly children!) and on this day, as soon as I stepped outside of the train station – it began to rain. The plan had originally been a lovely family walk – a great way to capture everyone together – but alas today was not the day! Instead we opted to head indoors and try a shoot in the house. It was a little tricky with the grey clouds hiding the sun and limiting the natural light – but it doesn’t matter because we had such a ball! This set of images perfectly captures the energetic, fun and bubbly vibe in the Smith household.

Inside, I got to capture gorgeous, laughing photographs of the girls playing with their dad, and everyone cuddling up on the sofa and telling stories. I absolutely love the peaceful pictures, all together reading through books, quiet and calm.

So rain, I am pretty sure we had the last laugh – because just look at how sweet these pictures are. I love them!

If you’re interested in a family shoot – inside or out – get in touch. Family Photography lifestyle Natural London_0001

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