Newborn photography is perfect for capturing baby in those first few weeks after the birth. And is a wonderful way to record all those sweet, fresh and tiny features that change all too quickly.

It's best to book in a newborn shoot, as soon as you are sure you want to go ahead, as after baby is here it can be something that is pushed back, forgotten - and then regretted when you've missed the chance for those professional newborn shots. I am a London Family and Newborn lifestyle photographer. Lifestyle means I take natural moments of the little one with you in your home. And though I do direct a little - I do not pose you or baby. What you get is a family narrative, little emotions, and details of baby when they're at their newest and smallest!

There tends to be a lot of questions about newborn photography, so I have answered some of the most common ones, which you can read over in the FAQ section here, anything else just get in touch! If your interesed about going ahwad and recording moments with your new addition, you can see the packages I offer here.