If you're mother to a newborn, you will know of the intamacy and connection between you and your baby. The first year is an incredibly special time to comfort, nurture and grow with your little one - and a time that flies by too quickly. This is why I offer my favourite time of session - Motherhood. These shoots are calm, totally unique, intimate and beautiful, which result in authentic and emotive images that will be a reminder of this treasured time together. I offer these shoots in the comfort of your own home - as the home is not on significant as babys first home, but also where you both will feel most relaxed and connected.

All Motherhood Sessions are shot using soft, natural light and the highest quality black and white film. By shooting on black and white film we will produce images that are timeless and authentic. That and shooting film is about being in the moment, slowing down, and making this a true, treasured experience.

"Oh Fi, they are amazing!! We LOVE them so much, Thank you!! Big love to you and a humongous THANK YOU for caoturing us while he was so small!"