Film Education | how to shoot film

Film Education, How to shoot film by Fiona Caroline PhotographyHi you, out there, wanting to know how to shoot film. Welcome to Film Education!

I LOVE shooting film. Apart from the camera on my phone I ONLY shoot analog. So if you wanna learn to shoot film, I am your lady!

Film photography is a great way to rekindle your passion for photography, get hands on and produce something tangible. No longer will you need to spend hours staring at a computer screen – (goodbye copious amounts of editing!) – and, believe it or not, film is easier than you may think.

Film can improve your shooting habits and skills. It will slow you down and make you think about each frame, each exposure – about getting it right in camera. Film will absolutely bring back the excitement into your photography (but get ready for the tense week as you wait for your scans from the film lab!)

Once you get started, you’ll fall in love!

Mentoring 1 on 1
A beginners introduction to 35mm & Medium Format film.

This is what I can offer you:

What you need to begin your film journey.
Why use film over digital, what it offers and the difference between 35mm and medium format.
Detailed information about the variety of films stocks and when/where to use them.
How to buy, store and load your film.
How to meter correctly and have FULL CONTROL of the outcome.
The importance of good film lab relationships.
Continued support after your 1 on 1.

Education Investment
Skype: 1hr 30 minutes | £75
In person in London: 2 hours | £115

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