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About me | Photographer | London, England
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Images of Fiona Caroline PhotographyHi there! Thanks for stopping by! I am Fiona. A photographer. I live in London, England (but I am a northerner at heart!)

I photograph families, couples and travel.

I photograph newborns, including Fresh 48s (I come to the hospital for those special first hours!)

I also offer very unique 24 & 48 hour weekend packages of your family, in your your honesty.

Everything is captured in a natural setting – sure there might be some posing – but generally each session is a honest representation of you and your loved one(s!)

Oh, & I shoot it all on film.

Why film? 

I guess I just like it more! I like the whole process and I love, love, love the results.

From loading the film in the camera, winding it on and feeling it advance shot after shot to hearing the whir of the film rewinding – I just connect to it, it is me. Each time I click the shutter it makes the most perfect sound. I LOVE that sound. Then the waiting. Film needs to be developed and scanned, which takes time but (honestly!) the waiting makes the results that much sweeter!

Film offers a depth, colour palette and realness that I don’t think can be matched by digital. It is a tangible product. You can hold the film in your hands and see the details in the negative when you hold it up to the sky. The colour is deeper, the lines are softer and the final product feel so much more special.

BUT! After all is said and done – it’s not so important how I shoot – as long as you like the final product. (Unless you’re like me and adore film so much you would only ever hire a film photographer!)

So why choose me?

Because I can give you a real product, that captures the funny, lovely quirks you all have and love about each other.

Slowing down and shooting film means removing the photographer and client barrier. It becomes so much more personal and that shines through in the images in abundance. You can relax around me. Take your time. Be honest, open and real.

And I love my clients, I find my clients are like me and we become friends.

So when you choose a photographer it should be someone you want to capture not just that one session, but someone to record important milestones and moments in many sessions. To be there to celebrate your love – when you get engaged, have a baby, have a family.

So, why me? Because I make it mean more than just ‘client’ and ‘photographer’! Everything isn’t over after you’ve received your pictures – I want to hear about the kids! The love, the travel, the stories.

And that’s what it comes down to – the stories. I shoot for clients again and again, and ultimately my goal is to produce a body of work, over time, that shows your story.

And if you think, this sounds perfect. This is what you want, it just feels right – then you sound like the ideal client to me. And I can’t wait to meet you!

You can check out my portfolio to see the type of work I make. Or pop across to my blog where I talk a bit more in depth about each shoot, why I love film, my travels and then a bunch of random stuff in between!

A little more about the non – photographer side of me.

I love to travel. I’m pretty independent and more than happy to jump on a plane and explore a new destination solo. My next big trip? No idea! But I’d love to get across to Indochina with a bag of film, a camera and no time limits! I run a travel blog called Feather & Film which shows off beautiful film photographs shot by wonderful photographers all round the world (it’s here!)

I am also a huge fan of brownies. I’ve always been tempted to start a brownie blog  – since I try them everywhere! But I don’t think that many people want hear about my adventures on the quest for the perfect brownie (or do they!?)

I love the feeling when the season changes. I am a big fan of autumn and winter, when it gets a little chilly and I can start wearing a million layers. I drink a lot of coffee and I spend most weekends at some sort of car boot or market.

And I love brunch (it’s the best meal ever)!

I am trying to learn Spanish.

And guys, that is me! <3
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(Photo credits: Enroute Photography Smashing Films, Siegrid Cain Photography)