About Me

Hi I’m Fiona! A family photographer specialising in family, maternity and newborn photography throughout London.

I live in leafy West London, surrounded by lots of beautiful parks (Think Sion, Richmond, Kew Gardens & Chiswick) where I love to explore by foot and bike. I love that I'm close to the centre of the city - because I am without a doubt a city girl - and I adore the hectic, buzzy atmosphere of London. I love photography and shooting on film. Film pretty much defines me as a photographer and what I can offer for my clients. That is because this method of photography means slowing down, offering more personal sessions and removing the photographer and client barrier. It becomes so much more intimate and that shines through in the images in abundance.

I also love books and podcasts, any good recommendations please send them my way! I try and surround myself with other creative people, to keep me inspired, and I love the sun and sea. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, and I am incredibly partial to a coffee and cinnamon bun.

And I also love my clients. I find my clients are like me and we become friends, both with the same intention to capture important and precious moments. So when you choose a photographer it should be someone you want to be there for not just that one session, but someone to record many of your important life milestones and moments - when you get engaged, have a baby, have a family. And that's what it comes down to - the stories. I shoot for clients again and again, and ultimately my goal is to produce a body of work, over time, that shows your story.

Want your important moments photographed by me? Great! I recommend you head over to my Prices & Collections and have a look through the Portfolio - Family, Newborn, Motherhood & Maternity.